The Nut Farm Foal: A Survivor Story Part 1

Hi Family Orchards Fam! Life can be really hard right now for many of us...but God is good! We invite you to experience this challenging time with us and re-live this amazing story of survival and nurture.

Our first baby foal at Family Orchards Farm had a beautiful day with momma Annabelle followed by a life-threatening metabolic crash that sent us back to the vet for a second emergency intervention. Thank you for all the prayers and kind words!

This is Part 1 if that experience:


Whatever you may be going through during this time of crisis — illness, financial difficulty, or loss — we hope us sharing this difficult story of hope can help you too.

EDITOR'S NOTE & TRIGGER WARNING: This video contains sequences of stressed animals and humans along with medical procedures that result in a positive outcome. Our goal is not to alter the reality of these events in any way, but to edit the footage and soundtrack in a kid-friendly way which allows you to experience the moment at the same intensity that we felt — full of questions, anxiety, tension and new learning.

After reviewing the footage as a family, we chose to present this real-time documentary in two parts — with an intense cliffhanger — to share with you the feeling of suspense we were all feeling about the future of our new family member.

The four prior episodes are "attached" at the end — to make it easy for you (and people you share this with) to re-live our journey getting to this point.

Do consider sharing this series with anyone feeling hopeless, weak or alone. God answers prayer — and our special needs foal is certainly proof of that!

Shine on!

- Your Family Orchards Fam

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